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Circo Rum Ba Ba

Circo Rum Ba Ba

I thought the Vikings were fantastic last year but the Octopus show is truly stunning and it's coming back to The Isle of Wight Coordinator of Cowes Week Entertainment

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Our Introduction

Our Introduction

Circo Rum Ba Ba is an exuberant troupe of all women performers who bring extraordinary spectacle and performance into unconventional settings where it is least expected.

We combine an eclectic mix of theatre, circus and music with elaborate costume and design to create images, street shows and off beat walkabout characters that are stunning to encounter and comically interactive.

We are visual story tellers. Our shows and walkabouts are steeped in narrative, performed with painstaking detail to characterisation.

Our shows are spirit lifting and quirky, choreographed yet characterised by joyful anarchy.

Our huge experience enables us to interact expertly with audiences whether on the street or at a private event. We aim to raise the self-esteem of our audiences by inspiring through skill and absurd adventure to illuminate human connection and promote a positive image of women.

From the subtle cameo to the grand parade, Circo Rum Ba Ba combines the surprising with the impossible, to produce a thrilling phenomenon of spectacle and show.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

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