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Circo Rum Ba Ba
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About The Troupe

Circo Rum Ba Ba are extremely grateful to the Arts Council England for supporting us during the Covid-19 crisis. 

Thank you ACE!


Circo Rum Ba Ba is a well established, highly experienced women’s circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise. The company is well known for its elaborate, colourful costumes and painstaking detail to characterisation. Circo Rum Ba Ba creates wonderfully bizarre, offbeat walkabout characters and images, designed specifically for festivals and events. From the subtle cameo to the grand parade, Circo Rum Ba Ba combines the surprising with the impossible, to produce a thrilling phenomenon of spectacle and show. Circo Rum Ba Ba are run by Marianne Grove and Winnie Elliott. Marianne trained in Japan and at the circus space and has a myriad of circus and performance skills. She comes up with all the ideas for the company and always has more ideas so if you need to create something unique for your event she’s the one to ask! She designs all the costumes and acts. Winnie runs the company and is the person you will talk to in the office. She is a brilliant organiser and keeps the troupe on the right track and heading for the right gig with the right show. She is a wonderful performer with the best slap stick and comic timing skills in the business! Jenny Webster trained in musical theatre and has fantastic ariel and acrobatic balance skills. She is so full of energy and fun and brings a sparkle to every show. Su Nixon has worked with the Circo Rum Ba Ba for many years and has an amazing ability to fit into any role. She is a brilliant puppeteer and great at picking up manipulation skills. She is charming and joyful and a consummate professional.